5 Best Cotton Trousers for Men: Every Man Should Have in His Wardrobe

Men sometimes forget to search for cotton trousers because they have denim in their closets. However, a smart choice of Cotton Trousers for Men can be the strongest thing to enhance their look. It’s always easy to select those denim pants and step out but you should wake up now because a fashion guide is here for you. Let’s go through 5 major cotton trouser styles for men to make them your style statement for the next time!

5 Must-Have Cotton Trousers for Men

1. Chinos


Chinos are casual types of trousers made of cotton. These lightweight trousers are available in colors other than tan. These pants are recognized for their flat fronts and cross-stitching. Maximum chinos have a front zipper instead of a drawstring and boast belt loops. These pants go perfectly with various types of sweaters and tops. Due to their casual look, you can pair them with boat shoes or sneakers. For a different look, try a plaid button-up or denim shirt with your chinos.

2. Khakis


Although khakis are also made from cotton, they are not lightweight like chinos and their thread blend provides them a heavy feel. Due to their uncanny capacity of matching with everything and durability, khakis should get a space in your closet. Cost-effectiveness is an added benefit of khakis. Khaki materials are affordable compared to other Branded Trousers for Men.

3. Formal Trousers

formal trousers

Formal cotton trousers are striped pants worn as semi-formal or formal daywear. Their settings are very interesting. If you want something slightly different from the standard trousers you usually wear, go for formal pants. They add detail of smartness and spark instantly. Choose shades like grey, blue, and black because they are ageless and can prepare any look immediately.

4. Drawstring Trousers

Made from cotton fabric, these trousers will be casual due to the loose fit. You can have a lot of comfort throughout the day in a pair of drawstring trousers. These pants are the ideal combo of style and comfort. Simply pair them with a sweatshirt or a button-down shirt. Also, you can rock them with a basic t-shirt or a roll neck t-shirt to reach the ultimate luxury. The versatility of these bottoms is the real beauty. You can wear them in a smart casual or a laidback setting.

5. Moleskin Trousers

No mole gets affected in the manufacturing of these trousers. Moleskin is a rugged cotton material with a soft, thick nap. Generally a brown or drab olive shade, moleskin is popular for its capacity to dampen wind and abrasion resistance. And yes, it feels like mole fur whenever you touch it.


So, these are 5 major must-have trouser styles for men. Remember, if you are seeking a versatile pair of branded trousers for men that look sharp for the workplace but are more durable and flexible for commuting, check out Callino London’s selection of cotton trousers for men. They fit perfectly and are amazingly comfortable – full marks for function, fabric, and fit.

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