A Dream

The dark laden dusky black dead pitch,
Has many secrets kept inside it.
From the north to the south,
The wild wind shouts.
The ocean water roar,
And the tides where high in the shore.
Great,pirate Hook went out for a loot,
And searched for a ship in that dusky pitch.
And suddenly he found a ship named Golden Crown,
Inside that there was a beautiful princess of Cape Brown.
She has went to a curchman,
Who was her father’s friend.
While returning to Cape Brown,
Pirate Hook wanted to loot her crown.
It was all a windy day,
Where the wind didnt allow them for a calm stay.
The princess came to curtained the windows,
And then there was sighted by the pirates red eye  spot.
The pirate got numb,
With the princess reflecting glum.
For a moment he forgot his want,
And tried to express his love and confront.
He asked his sailor to follow their ship,
For he wanted to join the princess trip.
He some how managed and got up to the ship,
And sat on his knee diagonal to her lips.
“Your Highness “he addressed to the princess,
And explain how his heart was melted.
He wanted to leave his pirateship,
And wanted to marry the princess and worship.
He proposed with a sweet loving heart to the Highness,
And promissed never to leave her in her sadness
The princess was shy as well as astonished,
She did knew how to act to flourish.
She kept quite for a moment and observed the situation,
And finally took initiative to say yes to the pirates proposal.
The decided to be together,
No matter what should be the future for them further.
Then in the morning they reached Cape Brown,
Their with open arms the King welcome the princess in the town.
The pirate expressed his love in front of all,
And down to the princess knees he fall.
The king was happy and blessed them both,
Then they got married with the pious oaths.
They lived happily together ever after,
And the pirate proved his change to be a captor.