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About Us

Artikills is a self-publishing platform that mainly deals with providing a platform for all passionate writers to learn and follow their passion for content writing.

The team of Artikills is a team that comprises enthusiastic individuals who believe in upholding the culture of literature, art, and digital publishing platforms to pitch opportunities for the content creator zealots.

Additionally, the website permanently conserves the articles and arts of various leagues for future assistance.

Our Objectives

  1. Provide an All-in-One content publishing platform for everyone, where they can publish any form of content, including articles, blogs, quotes, poems, stories, art pieces, and many more.
  2. Design tutorials and live workshops where creators can learn and interact together.
  3. Create a community where creators can share their content and get genuine feedback for their work.
  4. Collaborate with various organizations where the creator with relevant talents can get the opportunity to work on live projects and earn incentives.

Meet the Founders


Swayam Shivam Barpanda

He is a professional WordPress Website Creator and SEO strategist. He has already developed websites of different genres.


Sandeep Kumar Singh

He is a professional Social Media Marketer and Canva Graphic Designer. He has already developed successful strategies for Brand Awareness through Social Media.

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