Lieutenant Manoj Kumar Pandey

Biography of Lieutenant Manoj Kumar Pandey

A little boy when gown up aspires to become a soldier. His Day and Night was filled with the desire to serve his motherland. Days passed by he became more and more sure of his decision. Every time he worked hard and whenever he gets tired, he used to shout “JAI HIND” by closing his eyes. After completing his school he once said his mother “Maa don’t be sad if one day I will return home wrapped with the tiranga. Don’t feel bad if one day you won’t find me.” the boy smiled looked at his mother and slept on her lap. The very next morning his bags all packed he set his foot on The Indian Army. His brave mother hugged him and said “Beta I am there to look at me but your mother there is suffering bloodshed all over her go, go and save her” and then goodbye with a smile. He is none other than the brave soldier of our nation, Lieutenant Manoj Kumar Pandey.

On 3rd May 1999 Kargil, Jammu was shaken up with the bullets of the Indian and Pakistani army. The boy fought by giving all his potential. Without fearing death he along with his mates promised to save his motherland. The sky as well as the land became red with the blood of the brave Indian army. Heaps of dead bodies, but the boy despite seeing that set up his goal to fight and to save.

If death strikes before I prove my blood, I promise (swear), I will kill death.

Lieutenant Manoj Kumar Pandey

He was there to protect our motherland, he made a promise to come back, though wrapped with the tricolor he will never feel bad. He made very sure that either he would come by hosting the tricolor or he would be wrapped in it. Some said if at all they don’t return today say the future generations that they sacrificed their today for their tomorrow. This continued till 26 July 1999 2 months 3 weeks 2 days 5000 bodies lied in the LOC. The boy was there too before his last breath he said “If death stricks before I will prove my blood I swear I will kill death” he was non-other than Lieutenant Manoj Kumar Pandey the army officer who died in the Kargil war. The boy Lieutenant Manoj Kumar Pandey when came home wrapped in the tricolor his mother saluted him and said I just gave you a life to the server for the one who created you now I am proud of you that you actually proved to be the best son. The respect of the emotions and the feeling of Kargil is still there in every Indian’s heart. Our heroes out there r playing the best role in the film motherland.