Club Arena is an initiative to assemble and organise the poetry clubs and provide them with a well crafted website of their own. It’s a conducive space for various clubs to interact, share and grow together.

Why ClubArena?

ClubArena has been created for different poetry clubs keeping in mind some problems which they might be facing. We have listed some points below:

  1. Limited online presence among writers and no scope of attaching with newer people.
  2. Management of a website and the limitations of fixed templates.
  3. Problem in conducting online events.
  4. Overpriced website creation and management programs.

How ClubArena is Solving the Problem?

We have listed some ways, how we can help you solve the probable problems listed above:

  1. Create and choose your own design and get it created by us exactly as you imagined 
  2. Get a free shout out on our website and social media page for each event you conduct. 
  3. Reach a large audience simply by connecting with other like-minded organizations who are associated with us through ClubArena.
  4. We will be happy to help and assist you in other aspects, in addition to the above-mentioned points.

Everything at just Rs.699/- for first 10 clubs only

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