What is Artikills ?

Artikills is a self-publishing platform where you can publish your contents like articles, quotes, poems, stories, etc.

Is publishing in Artikills is free ?

Publishing in Artikills is absolutely free.

Why should I publish is Artikills ?

Through this platform, you can reach out to a great number of audiences. Also, you can achieve recognition among a wide audience through our Social Media Handles. Our various Social Media Handles are Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Is there any way though which I can communicate with other creators ?

Yes, you can communicate with our community of creators through our exclusive WhatsApp group. In order to join our WhatsApp group, kindly fill up the form as provided below, we will verify your response and add you to that group. (Make sure to provide your WhatsApp Number in the Message field and give a small introduction of yourself.)

To become a member of WhatsApp Community, enter your details in the below mentioned form.

    How can I Create an Account in Artikills ?

    How can I publish my content ?

    You need to first register or login to be able to publish. This tutorial is given above.

    How can I contact for any technical issues ?

    For any technical assistance, you can contact at the WhatsApp Number: 7978096079 or Email at: [email protected]