How To Be A Humor Writer

Hello ! If you came here expecting to find a lesson on how to be a humor writer, imagine me laughing at you right now (If you haven’t met me, just imagine any brown, Indian boy you know and put spectacles on him. If you don’t know any, come on man, there’s over 1.3 billion of us), because if I had to put what this is, it’d be “Misgivings of an aspiring writer who is trying to write a story which is not sad and doesn’t involve death”.

I’m kidding, this is really just about me trying/crying to be funny in the form of writing and being a colossal failure at doing so. I’ve heard many people and who go through this eternal problem of not being able to writing stuff that’s light and humorous. In fact, it is actually very surprising to me that most of the people in my circle whom I know are writers claim that sad and serious stuff comes to them very naturally. I understand that making people laugh or holding their attention with wit and humor is a proper skill, and is very difficult to achieve but why does sad or serious or painful stuff come more naturally to people ? (other than the classic trope in which every Indian guy can cook up a maine use khudse zyada pyaar kiya magar bewafa nikli vo story, irrespective of whether they’ve ever been in a relationship)

By this time, I have tried many things to be good at this- spending hours on youtube videos on tips for writing funny stuff (half an hour, okay 20 minutes of writing tips, the rest is time-pass, courtesy of catchy thumbnails like 5 signs that she is into you but can’t tell you), reading informative articles and blogs of popular writers hoping to pick up some tips and tricks, watching their interviews, following them on Instagram (because that is where they post all their secrets and not a single thing remotely linked to their personal life) and the last and most important- google searching “How to be funny” (as a writer, and also in life *insert crying emoji*). You’d normally think that these are all the options are all there possibly is from where one could learn the skill of being humorous. But if you think so, you my friend are badly mistaken because I took it to the next level: I did a course on humor writing from Udemy. And I have taken the personal oath that the certificate I have recieved upon completion of that course will never see the light of day; in fact it won’t see the light of my bedroom’s tubelight again because it will never come of the cupboard which also happens to contain all my report cards since class 1.

You see, the reason for that is twofold: first, doing all the things mentioned in the previous paragraph is ideally considered as a helpful supplement when you actually WRITE, instead of just thinking about writing and dreaming that someday people will throw themselves at you and give you all their money. The second reason being, well, you must understand that this abrupt halt to our regular lifestyle and being decieved into an indefinite isolation which initially came with the promise of “15 din me college khul jayega” and followed into more ridiculous things like “Junta curfew 14 ghante ke liye hai aur coronavirus sirf 12 ghante active rehta hai” has taken a massive toll on each of us. Times are hard. I was getting lonely (still am). There was too much extra time in hand. Temptations were difficult to resist. Nice discounts were dancing in front of my eyes. Tough(bad) decisions were made. So I mean, you can’t entirely blame it on me.

But the greatest upside to this is that I do get some funny ideas and my friends have laughed at them (and I have thought for an hour after those rare moments if I should consider stand up comedy). I know that I can be funny in writing, if I work hard. I am very sure that I have the potential to develop engaging wit and build an audience with it. I just need to write more and more. I have a reserve of great idea-bits which I note down in an app whenever I get a great idea. Then I never visit it and after a few years when I look at these notes, I can’t even believe why I’d write those meaningless bunch of words. So I basically know what to do, I have the solution, I just need to find the “push” to stop being a sloth bear and get my hindquarters (read: a-s-s) to work.

Okay bye, going to watch a tutorial on how to overcome laziness.

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