Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells: Story of a Secret Santa

Romie was a 7-year-old kid who lived in London with his family which consisted of a father, mother, and sister named Rogeria. Romie was a boy full of enthusiasm. Everyday while going to school he used to cross a small slum where there were 20 houses. Each consisted of a family. The people in the slum were penurious. The condition of the slum children was such disheartening that every time it made Romie a question that why are these children raised in such a situation. Romie was a brilliant student and he was very much confident in whatever he does. His father was a well-established businessman. His mother was a professional dancer.

One Sunday when Romie’s mother was on a leave from her dance academy Romie asked her to spend time with him and her sister and take them to the supermarket. It was the second week of December and Christmas was close. Romie ‘s mother said, “Romie let’s complete our Christmas shopping as well” Romie was very happy as he wished his secret Santa to come to him with a bag full of gifts that he listed and made wishes. Romie went to the supermarket and after that, they bought many beautiful things to decorate the Christmas tree. He was very happy as Christmas was near and he would get plethora of gifts. With a very happy and fresh mood, he went for a nap.

The next morning he woke up a small gift was kept by his pillow and a note attached which gave a message “Keep smiling Romie” your secret Santa. Romie was enraptured. He opened the box and was surprised to see his brand new wrist band. That day with a very jolly mind he set out for his school. Again he was about to cross that slum but that day he noticed something very different, something which was very new for him. He noticed that the children were counting to buy a Christmas tree. What made him surprised that they didn’t go to any supermarket to bring decoratives for the tree instead they made their own decorative from papers and colors. He was happy as well as sad seeing the condition of the children. He went to one of the children and asked that did he made any wish form the Santa this Christmas. The boy replied we cannot afford to make wishes, Santa Claus is a dream, we are happy by decorating this Christmas tree with all our efforts. Romie was dazed. He was about to have tears in his eyes. That day he decided to be their secret Santa for this Christmas.

After that, he went to school completed his classes, and came home. Days passed and it was three days left for Christmas. Romie went to his father and said that he wanted some gifts for some of his close friends. He asked him to take him to the market. His father took him to the near Christmas shop and there Romie bought a bag full of gifts, chocolates along he bought a Santa dress. On 24th December at around 11:30, he went to his father and asked him to take him to the near slum. His father was completely clueless about what he had planned to do as Romie asked him not to inquire about him much. His father took him to the near slum it was 12 Am and Christmas has begun. Romie dressed like Santa with a bag full of gifts and went to the slum. He kept gifts in front of the houses of the slum and hit the doorknocker loudly singing¬† “Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way!
O what fun it is to ride.
In a one-horse open sleigh.”

All the slum children came out of their houses and thanked the Santa. Romie’s father’s eyes were pricked with tears. He was very proud of his son. Then they went home and narrated the story to his mother and sister. They then cut the Christmas cake and Romie was very much happy as this was his best Christmas ever he was very happy. They then went to bed to sleep. The next morning a small Christmas gathering was held in Romie’s school. He was all dressed in his new clothes and started for the school when was about to cross the slum he saw all the children were very happy and everyone was holding Romie’s gift standing near the Christmas tree and thanking Santa for the gift he was very happy seeing the smile faces. He was feeling really happy that he could gift so much and brighten the special occasion of Christmas too.