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I watched many videos , many heartbreaking , frustrating , emotional and some where those which left me numb.

Everytime I open my Instagram feeds or any other social media I dumstruk.

I cannot presently yell at someone and say ‘STOP IT PLEASE’ I cannot.

Whom to say , what to say

The very first thing which comes into my mind is ‘should I pray’ will it do?

Situation has become breathtaking worst.

Then the question arrises,

What should I read now Bhagwat Geeta or a Quran.?

Where should I go temple or mosque.?

Which religion should I blame?

Which God should I accuse?

What should I do?

When we have plenty of oxygen we wanted big malls .

And today who is even bothering about the malls.

I remember I have seen a post where a bog had an oxygen bag behind him . And the post say’s ” Life in 2050″ but I am sorry my dear that image was for life in 2020 and 2021 and I dont know should i stop or should I increase?

At this point of my life I am unable to think how long I am here.

I would plead to the World , Please wear up your masks . Please stay at home stay safe and secure. If you are affected sorry honey noone can even see you ever . Better take your healthcare at your own.






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