The Personal Dimension

The world as we know it, the reality in which we live is a horrible place. That is, if you live your life like everyone else and you watch the news everyday and you participate in society and you notice how the apps that engage you 24X7 and kill your time and energy also know everything about you and your life; as if there were multiple spycams following your activity and everything you think and say every single moment of every single day. A special part of the gazillion ordeals that a human being is subjected to in their life are the personal struggles. It is an entire world in its own. Probably anyone can write a book about their wars with themselves in life. No doubt about that. And since you all must be movie fans, the line “Who would want to bring a child into this hellhole ?” and similar ones peddled extensively by Hollywood movies may sound familiar. I don’t disagree, the world is indeed a horrible place. That in fact adds one more point to the prospects of making a career in the study of outer space and the cosmos, which will provide you with at least a work life free of the hellish things and people that rampage through our beloved pale blue dot. Or that is what my naive 20 year old brain thinks, right now.


Let us understand one thing that the human brain has been trained over the millions of years of its existence to hold on to the bad and the negative more than the positive in order anticipate danger in any situation and protect itself. Adding to that, I think its human nature to get more attracted towards negative habits, things, happenings more than to the positive. That is something we all tend to do. But there is a place free of all the sadness and pain in our lives; a place that is as merry as wonderland, full of green meadows and positive vibes and great music and amazing food which, no matter how much you eat, you never get fat (add whatever else you want). And it exists on this planet; in your lives; in your homes; within you. The best part is we all know it and enjoy it, but I don’t think many of us recognize it. I call it The Personal Dimension. Okay, the green meadows and the wonderland picture was way too much but the reality is actually not bad, in fact amazing and very, very simple. The idea of this dimension is to provide a space where you can chill alone with all the things that comfort you and make you happy. A place that is yours and yours alone, where nobody will bother you, nobody will judge you and you can express your heart out all you want. Think of a time, say the long summer holidays. Think of one such sunny day. You are lying on your bed, listening to a song you like on your speaker and you’re reading your favorite book. The AC is on so the room is cool, but there’s sunlight gushing in from the windows and falling right on you. It’s not painful, but actually gives you a little pleasant warmth in the coolness of the room. You are munching on your favorite snack and your favorite juice/cold-drink and all the switches of the room are within your reach. No pressure of homework or studies, just you enjoying all alone in your room. And finally, you know, whatever you need your mom is going to get it for you and she is just a call away. This may sound like pampering but let me tell you, growing up doesn’t mean we can’t pamper ourselves anymore (maybe go and get the snack or drink refill yourself instead of calling your mom).


You might ask, how do you express if you are alone ? Well, you don’t need another person necessarily to let yourself out. Write; fill pages and pages of all that lives and roams on your mind. Draw; make pictures of anything and everything that you see with yours open and closed. Sing; make your own little songs or sing one from the million of beautiful songs out there and lighten your heart a little. Dance; dance until your feet hurt (by that I mean as long as you want to your favorite songs with you alone in your room. Laugh; laugh wildly at that joke your friend cracked in college 2 years ago without caring what people will think of your optimum laughter. And there is so much more one can do. Do not worry about the grammar, or spelling mistakes or your voice when you’re singing or the songs which you like or your demonic laughter (I think people’s natural laughter is their best laughter. They’re the best that way.) . What you do in The Personal Dimension is sacred and important to you, so no judgements. In this space you can go to refresh, recharge, re-energize and come back when you’re ready. And I believe that everyone’s personal dimension is different; customized to their likes and choices. It is a safe haven, some time away from the monotony of being the usual and honestly, who wouldn’t like it if happiness were unlimited ? If all the things you love came unlimited and all the things you don’t like didn’t exist ? Well, I think I’m becoming slightly delusional now. Above all, The Personal Dimension is personal, secure and amazingly therapeutic. Anytime you want, just disappear into your own dimension, and don’t be apologetic for doing so. Life gets to all of us on a daily basis and we all need to take a step back, make a pit-stop and take care of ourselves. So go have one if you don’t and if you have one then this article is a validation of all the things you hold sacred and important.


PS: This was written in my personal dimension and chose to share it. So yeah, you can share your personal dimension with someone if you trust them or if you want !!

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